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Appify is a XenForo 2 mobile app generator - Roadmap 📱 [more info at]
Support Pre sale questions 1 Suggestions & roadmap 💡 Please add the Forum Comments System add-on. 1 Dark theme & other things 3 Add GA support 1 1 Add the addon latest messages 2 1 Suggestion: Showcase in APPIFY 1 i think you should do more 1 Add a XenForo permission for that users receive a push notification when a new update is available (call from Appify’s server to XenForo’s forum) Open forum URL in app 1 Use the default menu system from xenForo : offCanvasMenu 1 1 Add "recent content" and "about" tabs on member profiles [thanks=4] 1 Speed reading feature 1 Parse tag IMGR 1 Include interractive notifications Giving some clue on the app dashboard 1 1 Request for 'Ignore Content' addon 1 1 Back button exits the application 1 1 Text-shadow in user grades 1 Members button instead of the last messages 1 Put some app screenshots on the website (and an appetize demo) Stories like FB or Instagram Follow XenForo addon guidelines Better app menu like in XenForo mobile view [thanks=4] Demo app video of an English forum, in the homescreen. And in a thread + in the resource manager. : add a FAQ with the following questions : A <forum_url>/app page where it show the app, some screenshots, and some download links UI & API tester before building an app When tapping on a member in the shoutbox (shoutbox or private messages) : tagg him Mobile app for the generator Add the roadmap to the user's panel (XenForo addon side) homepage : show some customers & show total customers Use Appetize to show a live demo Option to generate the app as a webview Hide header on scroll Make settings menu native (no webview) [thanks=5] Add the bookmark XenForo feature [thanks=5] Allow the user to upload it’s own app screenshot template 1 Package French language in Appify's XenForo addon Restore the feature to upload a google-service.json file. Howewer be carefull, when the user upload some shits, it will make the build stuck forever. Improve thread navigation (find a way to scroll to page X, or the end of the contents) See how can we improve the navigation between categories 1 1 Make the generator compatible with iOS Roll out updates slowly to avoid huge server load and potential bugs (appify latest version will not be a global variable but in the database) Make Appify's resource at not indexable to avoid duplicated content with XF's Improve page loading time Bug : in some cases, the app is updated to the wrong version (packager conflict when two app are generated at the same time ?) Put on Google play Page numbers on thread view Cache pages for faster loading (all cats, some threads, etc...) Homepage feed Forum list icons not centered Self hosted CI Turtle (mac needed) Disable user upgrades on iOS since Apple doesn't want in-app purchages Loop and open a lot of link members & threads to see the result Add the ability to the user to use it's own fonts (for titles & pagraph). In the suggestion, add a link to fontpair. Tabs BBCode integration in app BUGS ❗️❗️ my background crash 2 1 When opening a conversation, mark as read Can’t switch page on conversation list The permission "appifyNotifyUpdate" is ignored. Now, everyone are receiving the push notification. See why we can't upload attachments on Android (network request failed) Guest can start a topic 1 XF Add on interfere's with email changing procedure on user account 1 1 plusieurs erreur lien/générateur de l'app 1 Server error when opening a link like /members/XXX/follow When on webview, switch back to native view for forum list as an example Sticky threads are not preloaded Work in Progress / doing 🔜 🚀 Adding support for RSVP 1 1 Resource manager 6/17 Overview (facebook) page layout 1 1 Be able to change more color on the app 1 7 Please check the visual of the app 1 1 A kind of beautifull news feed with the latest mentions, latest private messages, latest threads you like replies, etc... 1 Suggestions done 📲✅ Deploy Appify & RealityGaming with Fastlane Support Custom Webfonts (from the forum's server) 1 1 Upload iOS certs for RG and Appify app generator 1 1 i dont have ios so i didnt create app 1 1 The announcement should be closed 2 2 Posting a new message 1 1 Some UX optimizations that will make the difference 3/3 Too much space between each post in the widget "Latest posts" 3 1 Start topic improvements 1 1 Page navigation 1 3 Compress attachment image if the size is bigger than XenForO’s max attachtzment size Latest unread post page 1 1 Reply icon and quick reply box 1 1 Pull to refresh user online Fordbid app generation if some fields like the app icon is not provided Keep iOS & playstore certificates (or we won't be able to submit updates to the play store) Make nodes collapsible 1 2 Show latest mobile app users on here 1 Use Slack’s like text input 2 Sticky / locked topics 1 3 Conversation view 1 1 Ajouté une les paramètre du compte sur le dashboard 1 Attachment files not shown on threads 1 2 Add to Play Store Paginate categories Make application faster Reset password at & api to generate a password Add "instant thread loading" and "offline caching" to the resource & the homepage & Editor &BBCode manager compatibility Bugs fixed ✅ What is the problem? 1 2 2 new bug 3 Idk how to explain :) 1 2 downloaded apk doesn't install anymore 1 1 all icons no see below the message 2 1 Disable Appify validation for Apple IP Cant login in the app 1 1 when i try to enter thread app refreshing and no enter 1 1 Option "Show a download app notice above content" not working 1 1 App crash when phrases are not loading from XenForo 1 A lot of errors in the xenforo error log 1 1 Latest post page blank 1 InvalidArgumentException: Accessed unknown getter 'xfmg_media_count' on XF:User[X] 1 1 Quote in private messages text is white 1 InvalidArgumentException: Accessed unknown getter 'xfrm_resource_count' on XF:User[X] 1 1 Error: Call to undefined method XF\Mvc\Reply\Reroute::getParams() 1 1 Error during the update 1 1 Missing sentence : user_is_on_mobile 2 1 New conversation error 1 1 Create new topic - error 1 1 Make Appify compatible when the forum doesn't have URL rewriting enabled 1 Bug when tagging user : when we tagg the user, the "@" symbol doesn't appear. So if we add it back in front of the username, the text input will be in "tagging" mode, so it's making a GET HTTP request to every char typed. See why attachment camera doesn’t work (missing camera or camera roll permission) Addon [XFA] Nodes Icon Tweak - missing icons 1 2 Thread view layout 1 1 Disable double registration of a website Can't react topic 1 1 Can't reply in topic 1 1 When taking too much time to type a message, the app crash (in posts or private messages) Avatar in header is stretched Strange scrolling bug 2 Username component is slow to update 1 Liking content on XF 2.0 doesn’t work 1 When typing a message, a GET HTTP request is made to the server Received reaction page - error 1 1 Topic report translation error 1 1 Create new topic - close topic? 1 1 Share a topic, language error 1 1 Some glitches on threads (small images) 1 1 Theses pages doesn’t works as excepted (they don’t send the code when switching...) 1 Can’t tag users using Siropu chatbox 1 2 See why this thread : doesnt show all the pages (no pagination...) When clixking onresources on whats new app page, the app crash Smileys are too big Some glitches 1 1 App restart if I click on another tab in profile 1 1 ErrorException: Fatal Error: Method XF\Widget\WidgetRenderer::__toString() 1 1 Send button is too large on Android 1 1 App doesn't work anymore 1 doesnt load forum view 1 App restart when I click on a forum 1 Bug to display the latests posts widget 1 1 Unable to go to the list of sections 1 1 New Update Error 1 String translation 1 1 Problème d'affichage dans les stats du dashboard 1 1 On this thread : spoiler BBCode is not working as excepted [HIDE] [/HIDE] does not work 1 2 Error duplicate name when sending an alert Liking a post that is not the first one is not working 1 1 Server error clicking on driss p at 1 1 Thread actions do not work Error Log: Accessed unknown getter 'Likes' 1 1 Post with likes layout 1 4 Test 1 17 With the latest "pre-load" changes, threads are slow to show. I think there is some rendering problems (we can see the problem easily on Android) Bug de lien/bug de HIDE 1 2 Avatar log out Error guest 1 Forum overview - node titles 1 Preload request in construtor (since in a threadlist we have the first message too) When we post a message not on the first page of a thread, the refresh will resirect use to the first page Spoiler does not work 1 Conversations can’t be opened on forums with a subfolder 1 See why reactions is not working every time 1 Username is not updating well when cached Make back button larger See why lateqt response by Arkal is not showing up 1 1 ErrorException: Template error: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() 1 Opening links (like forums) with custom route (eg . /xenforo-forum) do not work... Thread pagination Sytry : can’t access appify’s dashboard When writing private messages, the message disapear 1 Send private message user name problem 1 Editor not available 1 ErrorException: Template error: Template public:appify_get_mobile_app is unknown 1 Private message list problem 1 Private Message URL Error 1 Spoiler BBCode doesn't not work On first app launch 1 When the XenForo phrase does have some HTML, is not well parsed (example : [HIDE] phrase at board Can't open conversations 1 In alert page, avatar color is good but usernames is not 1 Show latest threads for cats 1 Fix a server error on alert page Make compatible with Shoutbox by Siropu [thanks=15,4] Wrong user colors Thread redirection do not work URL not working 1 List bug 1 Latest visitors not working 1 Fix hide bbcode not working 1 Disable app generation when the XenForo addon have not been installed Sticky floating button to the bottom 1 We can tag users in the login form 1 Translate the login page Undefined phrases in the create thread process in some cases (and untranslated phrases) 1 MP create : adding user to the recipient field doesn’t work 1 When no header images, strange behaviour 1 Make compatible with addon XenConcept hide BBCode Can’t upload images in the generator Webview : hide footer & header Bug : creating private messages doesn't work Make the login button easier to find Alert when the app have been updated Handle DDOS protection page & On first app generation, the app is not generated... Text input too large... (reg) Remove images in the generator 1 No avatars on alerts 1 Bug : do not post updates for minor versions Call to I have been updates from doesn’t work (might be because of the /forum in the URL call) Permission problem : the auto apply viewNodeAppify does not work in the Setup file. On flatlist scroll hide header See why latest changelog is empty 1 Better UI design for login form See why RG is not in the latest version 1 Push notifications : empty on "rewards" (check board 2 Fix color of double auth tab on Android 1 Remove (image) from push 1 Can’t dismiss the react popup 1 Hide cats depending on user groups Missing image 1 No notification for forum "Alfaloji". Only birthday notifications are coming. Server error on like 1 Critical : App generation is broken (missing content in appify.json...) Check if switching page is working fine on forum list There is no message sending button for forum Alfaloji Show where is the create thread button to Alfa. 1 Fix push like 2.1 1 Erreur : @jb ErrorException: [E_WARNING] strpos() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in src/addons/Appify/Service/Appify.php at line 471 (En prod) Create thread button does not appear on some forums [thanks=5] On profile view, in recent activity, there is the whole thread. Just show the begining of the content. Show app preview image in sidebar widget - XF option doesn't work No create new topic button for forum Alfaloji Check tag 1 Change per month pricing by per day pricing ! And write that this is a payment monthly Fix error : InvalidArgumentException: Accessed unknown getter 'xfa_nit_params' on XF:Node[142] src/XF/Mvc/Entity/Entity.php:194 Sidebar mobile app too big Make compatible with XF icons Adapt French version 1 Do like admin.php/add-ons/upgrade-xf-add-on to upgrade Appify's Addon one click Show app version innXenForo sidebar widget Make an option to hide some categories from the app Check that the app of other forums have been generated (sytry & streamweb) Change the name of alfa's app Login with double auth doesnt work check Avionix comment Option to hide some categories Generate app as a demo (iOS & Android) Recent activity member view not working [thanks=4] Show APK & IPA links in XF ACP widget Homepage : correct the words «entreprise » by « company » / no s at months / replace 50 devices by 50 app users / missing s at spalshscreen / 2 p at shipped / extra features Auto app generation after addon installation still not working. No avatars in the alerts page 1 Improve homepage email size 1 Make compatible with hide links from guest [thanks=7] Quote BBCode : reduce it when the content is too long [thanks=4] 1 Some phrases are in French and not phrased [thanks=5] Added moments locales (show via dashboard) and allow the user to choose one of them Check if ihavebeenupdated POST request after XenForo addon app update is working well homepage : add the number of customers, number of app generations, and the pricing ! page not working anymore... ACP homepage block not responsive 1 Correct : Our dashboard will allow you to customize your mobile app in a many ways (logo, colors, pages, ...). Reactions doesn't seem to work [thanks=5] Fix thread infinite scrolling - hello (présentation): https://realitygaming.fr 1 Show app generated version in XenForo’s admin On addon post-install, ping appify’s servers and generate the app Thread infinite scrolling not working well (cf User avatar not clickable on posts [thanks=5] Smiley button on member profile post not working (TODO : remove it, since it's useless) [thanks=5] Quote button doesn't work [thanks=5] Hide back button on the homepage [thanks=5] Recent threads not clickable [thanks=5] Generate app for Emojis too big in some cases [thanks=7,5] Make compatible with addon "Similar threads" [thanks=7] Server error when opening menu links (like news feed) [thanks=4,7] Make compatible with addon "Who has visited" [thanks=7] Member FontAwesome icon is too high [thanks=7] Member online, do not justify [thanks=7] On app generation, .apk file is not stored... To fix : run the gzt apk command in the script script and identify the URL with a regexp like [ios=...] Appify : responsive dashboard The option to disable the sidebar widget "latest mobile user" did not work [thanks=4,7,6] When a creating a thread, the message is not posted [thanks=7] Create a /download page with the .APK & .IPA links Member list not shown in the forum list [thanks=1] Bug on like on XenForo 2.0 [thanks=4] .apk download link not working Improve the letter spacing in the mail content (styling) Can't create threads (can't click in the WYSIWYG editor) [thanks=4] Remember me doesn't work on login (and make the app crash) [thanks=4] Show app version in the app [thanks=1] Solved support request ✅ download apk not showing 1 Forum Plugin help 3 Can´t generate app 1 "You do not have the permission to view this page or execute this action." 1 1 Application control panel problem 1 2 Problem with Dashboard, Creating App: You must install Appify XenForo 2 addon on your forum to keep on going. 4 1 failed to publish the application on Google Playstore 1 pas d'application ios 1 Can't log in. 1 Error in dashboard 1 1 Hello, I can not connect your site to you, how to solve this problem? 4 2 dose appify support RTL ? 1 Not received my rank 1 1 Creating App Bug 2 1 No update OTA? 1 1 App generation of failed because he did not found the splashscreen Can you explain this? 1 1 Upgrading the app? 1 1 Not able to install 1 Remove the widget 1